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The purpose of Aftercare is to support reintegration into work and family life while empowering you to discover the possibilities of a life lived free from addictive behavior. 

Aftercare is a vital component of recovery treatment, and at The River, we generally advise that Aftercare be discussed and planned towards the end of your residential treatment and prior to returning home.

Every client will have an aftercare program to fit them and their therapeutic requirements and geographical needs. For instance, if you are returning to London or Chicago (or any other large city with a recovery hub) then we can connect you directly to local practitioners that we have cultivated relationships with over the years. We can also schedule regular (weekly) 30 to 45 minute calls with our therapists to keep you hooked into The River Rehab support system.

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In comparison to other treatment centres I’ve been in I found The River Rehab to be very different. Theres no rush or pressure and they worked with me to identify my problems and supported me to find what works for me…

Jack . D

Why River Rehab Is The Right Choice?

We are an experienced and qualified team compassionate professionals who will take care of your needs from the moment you contact us.

Our well appointed facility is located on the secluded and private grounds nestled along the banks of Chiang Mai’s River Ping.

Our caring team, from housekeepers to clinical staff, are understanding and supportive of your needs. Many years of work within the field of addiction treatment allow our staff to deliver a World Class structured treatment plan in a beautiful and calm environment. 

Tick Icon  Qualified And Experienced Staff Who Really Care About Your Well-being.

Tick Icon  Fantastic Location And Facilities.

Tick Icon  Exceptional Food With A Focus On Healthy Eating.

Tick Icon  Easy To Access Aftercare Support.

Tick Icon  Full Support With Travel To Our Facility And Your Return Home.

Tick Icon  Family Counseling And Support For Loved Ones.

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