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Reconnecting with the beauty of Mother Nature and actively engaging in the world around you is a vital part of the recovery process.

Both the 4-Week and 12-Week recovery programs incorporate a unique series of Odyssey Adventures where you are encouraged to expand your horizons through culturally rich activities that deepen your connection to self, nature and your personal recovery.

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Re-discover Life Through Excursion

We have weekly scheduled therapeutic endeavors for you to choose from such as trekking, water activities, visiting historical sites or immersing yourself in the local culture through arts and crafts.

All Odyssey Adventures are fully supervised and professionally organized, and will allow you to explore Chiang Mai’s natural and cultural splendor while learning to enjoy a life without substances.

Examples include but are not limited to:

Playing with Elephants- Be the “Mahout” for a Day

A Northern Thailand experience giving you the opportunity to interact with elephants in a caring and ethical way. A Mahout is a person who lives with and cares for an individual elephant usually for life.

This is a unique way to get up close and personal with these majestic creatures while learning to express your feelings without the interference of drugs and/or alcohol. Coming soon: Elephant Assisted Therapy. 

ATV Driving

“All-Terrain Vehicle” driving is a challenging, exciting adventure in mini 4 wheel drive vehicles. You will take a scenic trip through the Thai countryside while the jungle shows you how much fun life in recovery can genuinely be. 

Ziplining & Bungee Jumping

Ziplining through the dense jungle in Thailand is all about facing your fears. It’s fast and a bit challenging at times but 100% safe and supervised.

Chiang Mai boasts the biggest and best Bungee Jump in Thailand with a 50-meter descent.

Both these activities allow you to move beyond your inhibitions, face your fears, learn to trust and experience a feeling of freedom.

Nature Hike

Discover the peace and serenity that hiking along the rainforest and jungles of Northern Thailand. You will experience the healing powers of mother nature in an idyllic natural environment that you will never forget. Hike through dense, lush foliage far from the city and let the surroundings calm your senses. 

Grand Canyon Waterpark

Unleash your inner child at this “Wipeout”-style inflatable aqua playground. Learn team building skills as you help your recovery buddies through the obstacles. Explore the huge water slides, zip line over the water, go canoeing and wakeboarding while you spend the day at the park.

Botanical Gardens

You have a chance to walk or bicycle through a picturesque tropical garden for a serene afternoon. Enjoy acres of tropical plants, an orchid house, a butterfly park and an array of colorful Thai flower blossoms.

Explore the Botanical Gardens and walk under the rain trees, which tower 100’s of feet above in the air. You can also visit a plethora of greenhouses featuring plants from around the world representing a diversity of seasons, climates and fauna.

Sticky Waterfall

Reconnect with yourself and nature at this unique natural wonder. The creamy white rocks covering this multi-tiered waterfall are a stunning contrast to the surrounding jungle.

The falls are not only gorgeous, but their “sticky” surface allows you to climb directly up and down the falls for a once in a lifetime experience.

Cycling + Kayaking

Cycle through Northern Thai countryside filled with stunning views and get a close-up perspective of local life. Explore dirt tracks and country lanes winding through rice fields and local villages. Then load into your kayak and pick up a paddle. Let your senses enjoy the quiet and untouched surroundings as you drift down the lazy Ping river.

Rock Climbing

Nothing helps overcome self-imposed limitations and fears quite like rock climbing. Professional instructors will teach you how to safely climb and descend a variety of indoor climbing routes. Even if it’s your first time, you’ll learn the basics and go home exhausted by an exhilarating day.

Horseback Riding / Equine Therapy

This is a profound day of developing relationships with our non-human friends. Horseback riding teaches you important recovery skills like boundary setting, identifying and coping with feelings, and challenging yourself to look at the world in new ways.

You will learn to let go of control while learning how to trust and face internal fears with these gentle but powerful animals.


This is one of the most pulse-pounding and flat-out fun activities that we do. You and your teammates will take on the opposition to see who triumphs in a safe, enclosed obstacle course. This is a proven way to bond and build friendships in recovery.

Buddhist Temples

You’ve undoubtedly seen pictures of Thailand’s stunning temples. Guarded by fierce looking stone warriors and filled with golden Buddhas. We hike or drive to some of the best examples of the Lana kingdom’s historic temples.

The experience can range from popular tourist destinations filled with sacred artifacts to quiet, meditative ruins that are centuries old.

Local Crafts

Chiang Mai is home to a wide range of uniquely Asian arts and crafts activities. Enjoy culturally immersive activities such as Thai cooking classes, traditional basket weaving, paper umbrella making and visiting a factory where paper is made from elephant dung. This is an excellent form of active meditation and stress release. 

Bicycle Trips

Bike rides through the historic old city are a wonderful way to get some exercise while taking in the local sights and culture. We will wander through markets filled with year-round tropical fruits and visit the city’s oldest temple. Riding through the winding lanes and back alleys of Chiang Mai is like time traveling through its 700-year history. 


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